Who is Dina?

Before you Dine with me, I guess you have to get to know me…

Born and raised in the UK to an Omani & Zanzibari family, I have constantly been surrounded by an eclectic mix of food. Although not ashamed to devour a whole bowl of freshly cooked rice everyday, I did spend my youth being so embarrassed by the smell of it when my friends would come over.

It wasn’t until Uni, when I left home for the big city to study Fashion, that I found out my student loan didn’t cater to fine dining everyday… and so I had to switch the restaurants for the kitchen and remember all the years of helping my mother & grandmother make dinner, that I started experimenting and using my housemates as guinea pigs! To say the least they became well fed students and everyone knew which house to come to should they miss their mama’s cooking (oh, and I became so proud when they would' comment on the rice aroma!).

Combined with my love for British classics, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to create the best of all worlds on my plate. Most of my recipes now consist of things you could never expect unless you happen to be a westerner crossed with Zanzibari & Omani Heritage.

So from my families home classics, to the University halls and back to my own little kitchen, Dine with Dina was born. A place for you to Dine with me and all my Zanzibari Omani Family Favourites & British Fusions!

I hope you enjoy and fine the perfect recipes!

Dina x